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Friday, August 10, 2007

A Change in Nothing

From today's Portland Press Herald:

"The surge isn't working," said Susan Hudson-Wilson, 55, of
Chebeague Island. "Every kid who dies from now on, it's just –
you really want to go right to that kid's parents and apologize."

Of course, I've said all along that every person who cast a vote for George Bush needs to apologize for their part in propagating this murderous sham. To do so to the parents of dead soldiers would be as good place to start as any.

Susan Collins, as the article notes, supports "a change in mission," but not troop withdrawal, making her no different than the other Republican drones who are standing by their man.

Empty words from an empty head. Mainers who cast a vote for Collins in this upcoming election need to apologize to the parents of dead soldiers as well.

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