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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Buck Henry Lives

Yes, I'm back, and I'm still here...I'm still thinking about expanding the focus of the blog, but for now, I'm here.

For those of you of a certain age, you'll probably appreciate that Buck Henry is back as a regular contributor to The Daily Show, although this time, thankfully, not playing a pedophile (remember, that sketch was from the mid-'70s, when dirty old men were just a smutty joke). Here's Buck taking on media madman Murdoch last night.

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The Naked Gord Program said...

It was great to see Buck back on TV. To be honest I didn't even know he was still alive let alone working.

Here's hoping Stewart will put this comedic icon back in the saddle again on a regular basis (I know I could do with a few less "trendspotting" segments).