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Monday, August 13, 2007

Bob Murray is More Concerned With Saving His Own Ass...

...than saving his employees. And making himself a buck in the process.

The proof?

The mine in central Utah where six miners lay buried was cited 300 times since January of 2004, including 118 "significant and substantial" violations that are considered serious enough to cause injury or death;

His Galatia mine in southern Illinois counts at least 2,787 violations and more than $2.4 million in fines from the Mine Safety and Health Administration since 2005;

He flat out lied about the cause of the collapse, saying it was caused by an "earthquake" despite the assertions by seismologists that the collapse caused the tremors and the company knew about structural problems with the roof at least since March;

And then there's this, from the Washington Post last June:

A senior coal company executive on Wednesday lambasted U.S. lawmakers for proposing caps on emissions blamed for global warming, saying the Democrats were out to destroy America's coal industry.

Robert Murray, chairman, president and chief executive of Murray Energy Corp., also blasted the federal government's mine safety agency for "outrageous" new fines that he warned could put some miners out of business.

He is, of course, a huge donor to the Republican party, members of which share much of his dim view of workers' rights and safety issues, as well as his take on the environment.

Poor, put-upon, persecuted bastard.

Here's Murray in action, railing against unions and safety regs to Barbara Boxer in June.

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