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Saturday, July 7, 2007

An Unbiased Opinion?

Ok, I was watching a sports talk show the other day, where they were discussing the aforementioned George Bush at Washington Nationals game. One of the panelists, a prominent journalist, mentioned that perhaps Mr. Bush should take over as commissioner of baseball when his term is finished as he is such a devotee of the game. It's a guy I usually like, and I immediately fired off this tongue in cheek email to him:

"George Bush as commissioner??? Sweet tapdancing Jesus! Thanks to this country's destruction by that arrogant, overbearing, lying f*ck, baseball is practically the only thing we have left to enjoy, and you want him to take over that, too???? He'd probably send the White Sox in to invade the Cubs during interleague play! Are you seriously trying to destroy MLB???

What were you thinking when you said that?????

Lisa Keenan"

Within minutes, I got this reply:

"I was thinking-and this is ----------, private citizen talking, not ----------, reporter-that this country would have been a helluva lot better off if Bud [Selig, current baseball commissioner] had stepped aside years ago and allowed Bush to become commissioner, where by definition he could not have wreaked as much damage as he has caused in his current capacity."

Touche, my friend. Excellent point.

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