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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Server is Busy

Got this from the HSUS this morning concerning their campaign to suspend Michael Vick:

"WE ARE SO SORRY! Shortly after we sent you this email earlier today, our system went down due to the high volume of communications from those outraged about this case. If our links did not work for you, we hope you will contact the NFL now. Again, our deepest apologies for the breakdown and the extra email from us today."

Nice job, people. Keep the heat on the NFL over this asshole. If you tried to hit on the links yesterday and couldn't, please do so now here!

1 comment:

mainelife said...

I am so outraged by this story. I saw on ESPN that SI is going to run a big article on the culture of dog fighting. Evidently, it's a huge part of the NFL and NBA and there are many, many players who participate. We'll see if it's all true, and he is innocent until proven guilty, but if he is guilty then I hope he never plays another down of NFL football in addition to his other punishments.