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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Right Wing Fringe is Getting VERY Nervous...

You know how I can tell? Boston-based complete knee-jerk asshole Howie Carr is suddenly seeing parallels between last night's Senate Iraq all-nighter and the Chappaquiddick tragedy.

How lame. That's the best you've got, Howie? Chappaquiddick, horrific as it was, hasn't worked as a political tool for thirty-eight years despite the desperate right-wing's best efforts.

For all his blustering and posturing about the "irony" of the two events falling decades apart, Carr apparently fails to see the irony of his attack on Kennedy for his action after an accident in which a person died, and his failure to attack President Bush for his cold blooded murder of thousands of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens. Yes, Chappaquiddick, for all the conspiracy theories surrounding it, was an accident. Iraq was a purposeful military action founded on deliberate, bald faced lies, yet I see no outraged columns by Carr denouncing the calculated sacrifice of American soldiers for a lie concocted for pure political gain.

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