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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hey! He Called Us Traitors!

Byron York, neocon lapdog and White House correspondent for the ideological toilet paper known as "The National Review," wrote an opinion piece that was reprinted in the Washington Post last Friday. As is typical with the crap that eminates from this entity, there was plenty to take issue with, but my eye fell and I paused at this particular sentence more than halfway through the article:

Many conservatives are still hopping mad over the president's description of the bill's opponents as people who "don't want to do what's right for America."

Huh. Well, imagine that!

Apparently, Mr. York didn't quite catch the irony of that statement-if he did, I'm sure he never would have so casually inserted those lines in the middle of that paragraph. As is my wont, I sat down and sent him an email (I sent a similar letter to the editors of the Post), which began with the quote above and continued:

"Amazing. I'm sure that was a real eye-opener for the group that has been told
they are the only Americans that matter since 2000. Doesn't feel very good, does
it? To those people I would say, welcome to the world we on the left have lived
in for the past seven years. If you're not 100% with him then you're
100% against him, and there's no room for discussion. Once people have
been told they are not good Americans, the chances that you're going to get them
back you on anything is pretty slim, so perhaps this became the jumping off
point for Republicans to start breaking in earnest with the president on Iraq?
Maybe they thought, he thinks we're anti-American anyway, so to hell with him. I
can tell you from experience that's a powerful motivator.

Although this is clearly not a new tactic in this administration's arsenal, in
this case it seems more like friendly fire instead of an enemy
strike. Being essentially called a traitor by your president hurts, no
matter what side of the aisle you're on, and it's not ever true. What I'd
really like to know is where was all the outrage from conservatives when the
president was saying EXACTLY the same thing about those of us who were opposed
to the invasion of Iraq-and other various neocon undertakings-as far back as
2002, before anti-Bush sentiment was fashionable?

Lisa Keenan"

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