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Monday, July 16, 2007

A Book Plug

A must-read for all sports fans with a social conscience.

"When professional athletes speak out for social justice, it's usually the sign of deeper discontent in society. Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali and Billie Jean King were exceptional individuals, but also products of social movements that shaped them and that they in turn helped shape.
The responses to Hurricane Katrina, among other recent rumblings and grumblings in our SportsWorld, writes Dave Zirin in an excerpt from his new book, demonstrates that struggle and its relation to sports is a question not of the past but of the future.
If you like this excerpt from Welcome to the Terrordome, check out the book itself. Zirin is currently in California in the middle of a series of readings. Click here for the full national schedule."

If you like what you see and want to read the book, please consider ordering from your locally owned bookstore instead of Amazon. I got mine from Nonesuch Books in South Portland.

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Eugene said...

As related to politics and Maine- well, Senator Olympia Snowe's sponsored and backed hate crimes bill is being debated TODAY on the Senate Floor. (AKA "Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Protection Act (H.R. 1592")

This bill could make it a hate crime to discriminate against gays.

Here’s a recent demonstration against it by young republicans: “Teletubby and Moses get arrested” at the U.S. Capitol. on YouTube:”