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Sunday, June 10, 2007

ImpeachMaine Event

From the Inbox...I actually think I can make this one. Anyone want to go with me?

This can be the pivotal event that galvanizes impeachment for all of New England if not the whole Northeastern U.S.

Join us!!

President Bush will be "entertaining" President Vladamir Putin in Kennebunkport, Maine on July 1st and 2nd. Join hundreds - perhaps thousands - of Americans who will greet President Bush in Kennebunkport on July 1 with an impeachment message.

Citizens Summit Rally and Impeachment March
July 1st starting at 1:00 pm
at the Village Green in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Since Putin will be in Kennebunkport we can count on hoards of INTERNATIONAL PRESS, the WHITE HOUSE PRESS CORP and national and local media to be present.
We want to turn out big numbers for this!!
From all over the Northeastern U.S. !!

The theme is TROOPS OUT NOW**BUSH OUT NOW and the Impeachment folks will be really coming out strong for this. Groups and individuals are encouraged to bring banners, flags, signs and noisemakers, as well as water and snacks.

RALLY will begin at 1:00pm but we will have music before the rally.

Keynote speakers include:

· David Swanson, founder of "After Downing Street"

· John Kaminski, President of Maine Lawyers for Democracy

· Melida and Carlos Arredondo , a military family who lost their son Carlos in Iraq on August 25, 2005

· Iraq & Afghanistan War Veterans and many others.

Music by Pat Scanlon and Band, Hannah Marris and others.

After the rally we will march up Ocean Avenue to the BUSH compound at Walker's Point.

"We are marching to demand the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for not only death and destruction in the Middle East but in America as well. From Katrina to the mutilation of our Constitution, the evisceration of habeas corpus, torture and the warrantless surveillance of American Citizens, Bush needs to be held accountable, especially when he is in our backyard!" --Jamilla El-Shafei, event organizer for the Kennebunk PEACE Department

For detailed information about this event, including directions, transportation options to Kennebunkport and camping alternatives, go to

For more information contact Jamilla at

This event is organized by the Kennebunk PEACE Department, Maine Lawyers for Democracy and the Maine Campaign to IMPEACH ( ).


mainelife said...

I'd love to join you but we'll be in the RED state of Ohio for family vacation. I'll be there in spirit, however.

Mainecatwoman said...

Ohio in July? I'm sorry...but any place that elects Sherrod Brown to the senate isn't as red as it seems!

mainelife said...

Ohio used to be "as Ohio goes, so goes the nation" We went blue for Carter, red for Reagan, blue for Clinton.
But then the state got taken over by a bunch of Christian right wingnuts and went really red for far too long.
It's a testimony to how bad things really are that the redest state around elects Brown and doesn't elect the GOP wonder boy Ken Blackwell as gov. I was never so proud to be a Buckeye as I was in November of last year when the state finally came to its senses.
(and ayeuh, Ohio in July...small Island on Lake Erie. Water skiing, kayaking, family. All good)