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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


If Richard Lugar were a Red Sox fan, I'd expect him to be wearing a pink cap and asking who Rod Beck was. Check this out, from Monday...

Lugar wasn't the only one to have a change of heart-Pete Voinovich of Ohio also threw his hat in the anti-war ring yesterday. Now, that's all good, really. Nothing is going to happen to change course in Iraq until Republicans decide that enough is enough. But what irks me is that Lugar is probably following the numbers more than his heart (although he does seem to be one of the precious few Republicans left standing with a modicum of principle, he is more conservative than he's lead you to believe). A new poll out shows Republican support for the war dropping like a stone-38% of Republicans now say they oppose the war, and 42% think it's time to start bringing at least some troops home, and those numbers are only likely to rise. While Lugar himself is not up for reelection in 2008, he's well aware than over 20 of his Republican peers are, and is using his position as the ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations to allow the rest of them to fall in line. This is a coordinated effort by Republican leadership to try to some way end around George Bush and save their party, and who better to stick their toe in the rebel waters than Dick Lugar? It projects the image to other worried Republicans of, if Dick Lugar says it's wrong, well, then, I won't be going too far out on a limb if I say the same thing...and maybe it will help my re-election chances, especially considering the president has an approval rating under thirty percent...

Sincere? Maybe. Calculated, definitely. One notes that Stoogan Collins has not had the fortitude to speak out on this, nor is she likely to (Tom Allen, on the other hand, has been all over the place, noting he was against the war before it was cool to be against the war.)

One only wishes this had all happened five years earlier. Where were all you Republican anti-war bandwagoners then, when you might actually have done some good?

You can read Lugar's entire speech here.

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