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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tom Allen in the Race

Tom Allen announced today that he will, in fact, be a candidate for the U.S. Senate. He will be running against Stoogan Collins, a so-called moderate who is more and more, thanks to her positions on the Iraq War and as a prominent member of the no-oversight Republican-led congress of 2001-2007, being seen as a right wing sycophant. Never mind that she shouldn't be even in the race-she pledged to serve no more than two terms when first elected in 1996. So already she's established herself as a liar.

IMO this is the best news we've had in Maine for a while, and the best opportunity to send this wolf in sheep's clothing to ignomious defeat. Collins has historically had some support amongst Democrats because of her pro-life positions, but the war and the president are very unpopular here in Maine, and, despite her window-dressing to the contrary, Collins has been an lemming-like supporter of both. Allen has the benefit of being opposed to the war from day one, and you can bet he will harass Collins endlessly on this issue. Add that to the national interest (and money) this race will garner-Collins' seat has been targeted as vulnerable one because of the state's recent voting record and her war positions-and you can be certain we'll have a barnburner on our hands. Allen's got his work cut out for him-some early polls put him~20 percentage points behind Collins-but my guess is that as people learn more about the two, the gap will close considerably (especially when you put them side by side, like they'll be in a debate...the only thing that may help Collins in that case is some elocution lessons. She is painful to listen to.)

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