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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Socially Responsible Theater

This looks like a film every American should see:

From Harper's:

"104 prisoners have died in suspicious circumstances in U.S. custody during the war on terror. "Taxi to the Dark Side" takes an in-depth look at one case: an Afghan taxi driver called Dilawar, who died as a direct result of beatings he sustained from guards and interrogators at Bagram Air Force Base. The documentary, by award-winning producer Alex Gibney ("The Smartest Guys in the Room"), carefully develops the last weeks of Dilawar's life and shows how decisions taken at the pinnacle of power in the Bush Administration led directly to Dilawar's brutal death.

This is the definitive exploration of the introduction of torture as an interrogation technique in U.S. facilities, and the role played by key figures of the Bush Administration in the process. Harper's contributor Scott Horton provides part of the documentary's narrative."

"Taxi to the Dark Side" premiered on April 27 at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Sidney Blumenthal is executive producer

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Adam said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for adding my link to your site. You are doing some good work. NH and ME are not as red as some might think.