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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Impeachable Crimes and other News

This is an important segment on Keith last night. Sorry about the commercials, but I really think people need to watch it and understand how perverse and criminal this administration is and always has been. Clearly Jonathan Turley is fed up with the fact that this Congress keeps letting Gonzo-and, by extension, George Bush-timidly get away with this shit, and quite frankly so am I. To view the segment, you can click here.

In other news, Al Gore admits he may yet launch a bid for president, which will undoubtedly kick hungry liberals everywhere into overdrive. Can you imagine a Gore/Obama ticket? Unbeatable. Yeah, I know Barack says he won't accept a VP nomination, but that's usually a smart thing to say when you're running for the top spot on the ticket. Once the nomination was decided, my guess is, if duty called, he would serve. Just like Harry Truman, that most reluctant of VP candidates.

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