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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Boehner's Blubbering

If this doesn't make you go running for the bathroom with your hand over your mouth, then you must have been the contestant on Fear Factor who ate worms without complaint. What is the matter with this idiot?

All that would be well and good if Boehner weren't such a hypocrite, if those tears actually translated into action towards changing policy instead of inertia. His ongoing support of Bush war policy has just added to the ongoing body count of Americans whose deaths can be directly tied to 9/11-officially 2,750 on the day itself, and then thousands more as a result of post-9/11 American war policy. The figures from show that 3,444 Americans have been killed in Iraq (694 more than died on 9/11, the latest just yesterday, including more than 3300 killed since "Mission Accomplished"). By his actions, it appears that Mr. Boehner believes that the best way to "keep Americans secure" is to just feed the insurgents a steady diet of them.

As far as coming to Congress to "do something," well, it's hard to argue with him there. By looking at his overall record, however, it appears that what John Blubber went to Congress to do was to destroy the middle class, subsidize the oil industry, support wholesale torture and line the pockets of his wealthy donors.

BTW, John, shedding tears is what destroyed the Muskie candidacy in 1972. Maybe the good voters of the state of Ohio will take the hint...

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