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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Add Witness Tampering to the List...

From CNN:

"Goodling said Gonzales "laid out his general recollection" of the firings of several U.S. attorneys during a March meeting before she left. At the time, she was aware that she was likely to have to testify about the controversy, and "I didn't know if it was maybe appropriate for us to talk about that at that point."

She said Gonzales told her, "Let me tell you what I can remember," and "laid out his general recollection" of the process leading up to the firings -- that he believed they had all been dismissed for performance-based reasons.

"Then he asked me if he thought, if I had any reaction to his iteration," Goodling said.

"I just did not know if it was a conversation that we should be having, and so I just didn't say anything," she added."

For someone who would have you believe she "didn't know" she was breaking the law when it comes to her hiring practices-she admits she took political affiliations into strong consideration but insists she didn't mean to-she's smart enough to know when to save her own neck. Pleads the 5th, evades her boss...

She's a principled criminal, apparently. Only breaks he law when it serves her own political interests, and turns like a rat when it doesn't.

She's Monica "The Bull" Goodling.

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