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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Something to Look Forward To

Kind of a slow day in the blue world, nothing really new to mock, just the usual collection of evangelical zombies, delusional hawks, and liquored-up gun freaks. I was getting kind of depressed about that, so to cheer myself up I went out and found this happy little site, which reminds you that "life is slipping away... second by second."

I took the plunge and found my own personal death day will be Tuesday, October 16, 2040, and as of this writing I have 1,056,690,176 seconds left on earth. At the time of my anticipated demise I will be aged 77 years, 2 months, and 12 days. Yikes. I'd better get busy.

Of course, this does not take into account that every second you spend mocking the right wing fringe adds two seconds back to the end of your life. So, I've got that going for me.

What's your personal death day?

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