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Sunday, April 29, 2007

John Porter Strikes (Out) Again

Today, I am royally pissed off.

Once again, the editorial writers at the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram expose themselves for what they are-sniveling, self-interested, morally bankrupt cowards who are STILL WRONG. What the fuck is the matter with these people???

Oh, don't get me wrong...I'm not arguing with their call to pull troops out of Iraq (which they only discussed after devoting a half-page to defending their original stance and showing how staunch they had been in holding the administration accountable for the outcome). Well, anyone with a teaspoon of brains has been doing that for a very long time now (and that's only if you were lemming enough to fall for the bullshit rhetoric in the first place). What is absolutely jaw-dropping to me is their bullheaded, against-every-known-published-fact, we-were-right-goddammit insistence that the original mission, as conceived "was not inherently flawed," and the total reason for the utter collapse of the effort in Iraq was not the fact that it was built on a house of cards, but that it was improperly executed by morons who didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Earth to the Telegram: A WORTHY MISSION IS NOT SUSTAINED ON THE BACK OF A LIE. While it's surely true this administration has been breathtakingly incompetent in it's execution of the invasion-as it has been in every other aspect of its' governance-you almost can't hold these pathetic clowns responsible for that. It would not have mattered if William Tecumseh Sherman himself had been leading this effort. It couldn't be executed properly because it was PREDICATED ON A LIE.

So, after I read it and flipped out, I sent off this bracing missive to that idiot John Porter, the right-wing watercarrier AKA Press Herald/Sunday Telegram editorial page editor. It's rambling and doesn't clearly say everything I wanted to, but I think he'll get my point.

"Now it is our opinion that major U.S. military operations in Iraq should cease, though not because the decision to invade was inherently flawed."

LOL, in the face of the crowd still trying to maintain that the emperor has a loin cloth, eh, John? You really haven't changed your position, just packaged it in a way to make it seem like you're less a right wing hawk than you really are.

The mission was correct, the execution a complete circus. Typical self-serving neocon garbage. You guys at the Portland Press have turned into Kenneth Adelman redux. You swallowed a hoax manufactured out of whole cloth, and now you won't admit that the philosophy underpinning the strategy was hopelessly naive and ill-considered. The fact of the matter is that this invasion never had any hope of success, because it's foundation was built on quicksand. Except for you, apparently, the American people would never have supported an invasion just to remove Saddam Hussein (he'd been there for decades, after all), and the Bush hawks knew it. Thus the endless series of cynical lies piled on a public too fearful to examine any of them critically, and a press corps, including the Portland Press, that was too cowed. How could any success be expected to come from that??

I also like your statement about "the creation of a more pro-Western government in Iraq." Fabulous. The Maine Sunday Telegram is now supporting the installation of puppet governments across the region (well, everywhere except the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I'm sure...even though terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists breed like rabbits there). Tell me, John, how well do you think that's gone over in places like, oh, Iran? Do we overthrow them and install a friendly government there, too? (Wait, don't answer that. We had a puppet government there not all that long ago, and look at how well that turned out.) It certainly hasn't worked all that well in Afghanistan. What I'd like to know is where is the call from the Portland Press for the U.S. to confront our front and center role in creating the overwhelming mess in the middle east in the first place, and to modify our approach and policies to reflect that?

Nope, diplomacy and humility are just too hard. Easier just to kill all the people we don't like, even at the cost of thousands of wasted U.S. soldiers' lives and tens-maybe hundreds-of thousands of Iraqi civilians dead and the wholesale destabilization of the region, and breeding a whole new generation of people who hate us, and are willing to spit in the face of their "pro-Western government" to prove it.

Yup, worthwhile mission there for sure. Great plan.

Lisa K.

So there. I expect he'll send me back a condescending message within a day or so, as he always does.

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