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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Conservative Media Bias

If I can find a link, I will publish it, but I was reading a study the other day about the overwhelming preponderance of conservative voices on political talk shows as opposed to liberal/progressive ones. Although the networks and producers dismissed this, saying it has been primarily conservatives in power, this imbalance has persisted even after the Democrats took over the House and Senate in November.

Well, nowhere is that more clear than on the Sunday talk shows. Meet the Press this morning is a good example. The panel the affable Tim Russert had on his "Decision 2008" show today featured David Gregory, the chief NBC White House correspondent; Chuck Todd, NBC's political director and independent pollster; Judy Woodruff, a correspondent from "The NewsHour" on PBS...and Kate O'Bierne, the Washington editor of the neocon water-carrying "National Review."

Three mainstream, ostensibly nonpartisan political analysts and a right wing apologist goon. Yeah, that's representative, I guess.

It's infuriating. Throughout the show, we get to hear O'Bierne spout the typical right wing talking points of "it looks like the surge is working" to "Nancy Pelosi didn't do herself any favors" to "Fred Thompson could be the next Ronald Reagan" (ok, I made that last one up, but she surely did plotz over the prospect of Thompson entering the race), completely unchallenged by a liberal, progressive perspective. Do you think for one minute Katrina vanden Heuvel or Rachel Maddow would have let that surge comment or any of the nonsense spouted by O'Bierne pass unexamined? That Thom Hartmann would let her get away with coronating Fred Thompson? Yet, NBC continues to operate under the delusion that the National Review is something other than a right wing rag and its' operatives more than right wing grunts who have earned the right to have their point of view presented as if it were an unbiased observer in the mold of NBC or PBS. If you present the point of view of a Kate O'Bierne as worthy of consideration, you are morally obligated to recognize it for what it is and balance it with a David Corn.

I have written the powers that be at "Meet the Press" and told them the same thing. If you agree, I suggest you do likewise.

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