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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Power of the Candle

I can't believe I've let three days go by without a shout out to my dear friend and fellow leftie Susan S., who arranged an AWESOME candlelight peace vigil at Southern Maine Community College last Monday night to commemorate the the 4th anniversary of the never ending police action in Iraq. A great group of like minded people showed up to reflect on the events of the past four years, and to remember all of those whose lives have been wasted in the fruitless effort, including that of Angel Rosa, a young 21-year-old man from our hometown of South Portland, ME. It was at once a touching and heartbreaking ceremony, captured for posterity by WMTW-TV, a local TV news crew. Susan's husband Rob is going to burn a DVD from it, and as soon as I get a copy I'll post some of it.

A very inspiring evening for all involved! Thanks, Sue, you're the greatest!

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Peter N said...

Hi..and off-topic. It's Peter N. and I'm so heatbrokenly sad..thank you so so much for your comment. This hurts..I never thought anything could be so tough.....I'm a grown-up......I hope