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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Once again, the truth denied...

I'm really curious as to why the press continues to protect this administration from itself. Why is Keith Olbermann the only man in town who thinks it's important to expose these lies and hypocrisies? Look at this link to video from a "Countdown" interview last night:

This is big news. Karl Rove has lied under oath before. That makes him not only a liar, but a perjurer as well. Same thing that Scooter is going to jail for. I'm not surprised, but I am furious that once again, the public is shielded from that sort of information. Why isn't this front page news everywhere? Why isn't the press digging into what kind of witness Karl Rove would really make?

Because they're emasculated weenies, that's why. Still afraid of the spin machine, still afraid of being called "unpatriotic."

Ladies and gentlemen, may I suggest you go change your dirty diapers and DO YOUR FUCKING JOB. Keith is sick of carrying water for you!

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