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Sunday, March 4, 2007

I Hope There's a Cure

"Mental health practitioners say they regularly confront extreme forms of racism, homophobia and other prejudice in the course of therapy, and that some patients are disabled by these beliefs. As doctors increasingly weigh the effects of race and culture on mental illness, some are asking whether pathological bias ought to be an official psychiatric diagnosis."

This was really a story in the Washington Post a little more than a year ago. Docs are thinking about making bigotry a diagnosable mental illness.

I was just thinking...maybe they could call it the "Ann Coulter Syndrome"?

See for yourself. Actually, in her defense, at least she didn't say John Edwards was enjoying the death of his son, although I'm sure that would have gotten at least as big a laugh from those goons at the CPAC.

Makes you wonder if anyone on the right will ever hold this psychopathic bitch accountable for the vitriolic garbage that comes out of her mouth. I mean, at what point will her conservative butt buddies agree she has crossed the line? When she calls Obama the n-word? When she actually draws and quarters the firstborn of Chelsea Clinton at the RNC? What is the matter with these people?

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