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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lies About Nothing

My my my my my my my...

For an administration that insists they're playing by the rules, there's a whole lot of lyin' going on.

For example, they tell us no laws were broken in the Valerie Plame case. Scooter Libby is going to jail because of a perjury he committed to cover up...nothing, apparently. At least, that's what all the administration apologists would have you believe. No crime occurred! Valerie Plame wasn't covert...or maybe she was covert but nobody knew it, depending on which apologist you talk to. Anyway, Scooter perjured himself about it, but it was a sham prosecution because he lied to a grand jury about a perfectly legal action...or a crime committed out of ignorance (depending on who you talk to, of course).

Of course, Scooter isn't alone in his lies to cover up an innocent action. We know Dick Cheney and Karl Rove lied, too, to conceal absolutely nothing in this case. Cheney, Rove, and Libby obviously felt that their actions had to be covered up....even though no crime occurred...and Scooter is going to jail...

You get the point, I think. It passes nobody's straight-face test, except maybe Rich Lowry's. The folks on the right get very shrill when you point this out to them, as though shreiking will make the truth out of a lie.

Now the Liars' Club spotlight is on another prominent integrity-challenged member of the administration-Alberto Gonzales, our pathetic attorney general. His erstwhile right-hand man Kyle Sampson, while towing the party line that the firings were "not improper" (while at the same time equating poor performance with politics), made it clear that the attorney general was in the loop every step of the way, admitting, when pressed by Chuck Schumer, that he spoke to Gonzales "every day" so it was inconceivable that he had not spoken to him about the firings at least five times. Of course, that just confirms what Gonzales essentially admitted to Pete Williams, when he said that even though he was not involved in any discussions about the firings he was still keeping the White House "appraised" of the USA situation. (Huh? How do you appraise somebody about something you claim to know nothing about? "How's the firings at Justice going, Judge?" "I don't know, Mr. President. I don't know anything about it." "Well, thanks for keeping us appraised!)

(We also know Karl Rove has told lies in this nasty little affair as well. The truth seems positively allergic to this man.)

Again, the bigger question...why lie if there's nothing to lie about?? I mean, Gonzales is a lawyer, so you assume he's not a total imbecile, although that may be giving him too much credit. Why would you put yourself in the position of lying to Congress to cover up something if nothing improper happened, as you insist? Why not just say, yes, I knew all about it and I approved it because it was perfectly ok? Why would the White House say Rove wasn't involved when he clearly was if everything was totally above board? IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Sampson said the decision about the firings were "properly made but poorly explained." What utter bullshit. A proper decision should be easily explained, and would certainly not lend itself to such a convoluted web of lies.

Let's hope the trail this time doesn't die at the doorstep of another human sacrifice. The road to the White House is becoming littered with them, even though everything is always completely proper.

Oh, and the president? Well, according to MSNBC, recent polls indicate that 55% of the public believe our fearless leader will not allow the testimony of aide Rove and incompetent lawyer Miers because he's trying to "cover up something."

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