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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is This Really Politics As Usual?

You know, I was going to take odds on this blog on when Bill O'Reilly was going to start accusing the Edwards campaign of using Elizabeth's metastatic breast cancer for political purposes. Naive, stupid me. Naive because I thought the partisan attacks on a woman with a terminal illness might be put off a couple of days. Stupid because I didn't think of Rush Limbaugh first, a guy so clearly terrified that he is exactly what Arnold Schwarzeneggar labeled him that he is rapidly turning himself into nothing more than a grotesque "shock jock" in a desperate bid for relevance. This transcript is from his show today, recorded an hour or so after the announcement:

The Edwards campaign is not going to be suspended. It's going to go on out there, full speed ahead, and scheduled appearances are going to happen. Mrs. Edwards, in fact, is going to do as much campaigning as she can...Now, this suggests to me that, look, let's just see how much sympathy or attention the press conference and the news today evokes and what it does to the campaign, if this jump-starts the Edwards campaign...I think what the Edwards campaign is going to do here is see what the reaction is within the ranks of Democrat voters as far as this announcement today is concerned, and then go on from there. If there's not a big jump -- if this doesn't cause a breakout, if this doesn't cause a big up-tick -- then at some point Senator Edwards probably will have to suspend the campaign, depending on the health of his wife as she goes through treatment for this.

So we'll see if there's a bump from this. You say, "Rush, how could you be so callous?" Hey, folks, politics is politics.

First Michael J. Fox, now Elizabeth Edwards. Is there no limit to the depths of this man's partisan viciousness? I will be very, very surprised if anyone on the right calls him out over this, which says as much about their morality as it does his. To quote a powerful phrase from another era, but equally as apropos here...Mr. Limbaugh, have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

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