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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Feeling Free to Speak for Others

"The cost has been enormous for the Iraqis. The interesting thing is that the Iraqis are nonetheless willing to pay it."

Well, at least Stephen Hadley-speaking on ABC This Week-made a pretext of giving a shit about what the Iraqis want for their own country, unlike Tom DeLay on "Meet the Press" earlier in the day. The problem is that Hadley has no idea what he's talking about, or at least doesn't want us to know-he doesn't bother to define what he means when he says the Iraqis are "willing to pay it" or how continued American presence supports that. For some context about what Iraqis really want, here is some recent poll data reflecting their thoughts on their situation:

-90% of Iraqis think the situation in Iraq was better before the U.S.-led invasion.
-70% want US forces to leave within the year (this was last September!)
-60% approve of attacks on US-led forces
-A majority feel the country is headed in the wrong direction

The one positive coming out of the polls is that the Iraqis do feel a unity government is important to the country's future. However, considering they want our asses out of there sooner rather than later, they apparently don't feel Americans are central or even necessary to the process. Only the White House seems to believe that is true, but then, these narcissists were sure the middle east would embrace American-style democracy, too.

Another day. Another lie...

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