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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Animal Farm

"We all know there are things that are illegal and there are things that are just not good."-Kelly, a poster at

If you didn't see "Countdown" last night, I would really suggest you watch at least this clip, of Keith and Jonathan Alter discussing Karl Rove's master plan of establishing, if not a theocracy, at least an ideocracy in this country. Alter's distaste for Rove and his methods are palpable in this piece, and we all know what Keith thinks.

I felt physically ill watching that segment. It's not that we haven't known this all along, actually, but Alter puts a voice to it in a way I haven't been able to, especially when listening to the endless feedback loop of "they serve at the pleasure of the president." This is why it's important to get to the bottom of these attorney ensure that we don't become a US version of "Animal Farm" , if we haven't already. Orwell originally wrote the book as a slap at the post-WWII Soviet Union, but as one listens to Alter's interview one cannot help seeing just as fertile material for comparison with this current crop power mad, unethical, wholly capitalist goons. Old Major is undoubtedly Reagan. George Bush makes a resplendent Napoleon, Karl Rove a stereotypical Squealer, and the Piglets are the rest of the zombie-like members of the Republican party. But no matter what their station, they're all still pigs.

You know what's really sad about this? The majority of the American public doesn't care. Republicans, by and large, have actually bought into and approve this idea of a permanent majority at any cost. It's taken "independents"-primarily intellectual wannabes who smugly pride themselves on their as-yet-not-revealed superior ability to examine the issues and come to logical decisions bereft of politics-six years to see what progressives knew before the election was finished. Don't be so freakin' naive, people! It wasn't hard to see! It's been there right under your nose all along!

But the fight to take back our democratic ideals is just beginning. I surely hope Jonathan Alter is right.

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