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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tony Blair's Ride

With apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow...

Listen, my children, if you can bear
To the rise and fall of Tony Blair
Elected in Britain on Labour's back
Screwed over that country because of Iraq
Where he's now pulling out, in disgrace and despair.

He said to his friend, "George, do what you will!
Then I'll be your able and willing schill
Jump-start this war in Iraq, if you can-
And between you and me we'll be stopped by no man!
You'll hit them first with your bucket o'lies
And then you and I will just have to devise
A way to keep going the fear and alarm
From every mansion to every farm
So all will support our warfare with Saddam!"

Then Tony sent 46,000 troops
While the Britons began to divide into groups
Of those who believed, and those who opposed
But the channels of discourse had mostly closed.
At first it was fun! Saddam was thrown out!
Silencing those who'd expressed any doubt
Of the ethics of starting this pre-emptive war
That shock-and-awe show that one couldn't ignore
Hadn't those naysayers been such a bore!

What happened next? Well the reason for war
Was exposed as a fraud, and Tony a whore
For the bloodthirsty lies of new King George-
That feast of untruths upon which we still gorge.
The Britons were dying, Iraq was a mess-
So Tony decided he must reassess
His plan, before all was TOTALLY lost
"Pretty much a disaster," he told David Frost
Was fighting King George's war worth the high cost?

Apparently not, so early this year
He threw in the towel, and made it clear
That the Britons were finished. The war was a bust.
King George now stood alone in bloodlust
Well, except for Dick Cheney, whose take
Was this was good news! Tony wasn't a snake!
But Britain's finally conceded defeat
There should be rejoicing on Downing Street!
They're going out as they came in-with deceit.

Listen, my children, if you can bear
To the rise and fall of Tony Blair
Who left his best friend, George, holding the bag
When he said it was over and waved a white flag
And pulled out of Iraq in disgrace and despair.

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