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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mr Bush, I Have a Complaint

In fact, I have a whole boatload of them. I'm mad as hell, and I'm NOT going to take this anymore!
Let me be frank: I am what's commonly known as a "secular progressive." In other words, a proud liberal who believes the Bill of Rights is not a throwaway document, that we as a nation have been sold out to corporate interests, and that we were deliberately misled into a war of choice by bad men with dollar signs in their eyes and grandiosity in their hearts.
This blog is dedicated to ensuring that we Americans never, ever make as gruesome a mistake as George Bush again.
The lengths the right wing (including President Bush) will go to confound, obfuscate and outright lie to advance their own ideological and financial interests has really been nothing short of absolutely astounding. Global warming is an excellent example of this. For years, the right wing (including the White House) has denied that the problem exists because of the threat it poses to the interests of their corporate cronies Big Oil (ExxonMobil has spent millions funding groups that will parrot the party line). Not enough study, they say; climate change is part of a typical cycle based on the the output of the sun; there needs to be far more evidence and debate before spending billions of dollars to tackle a problem that exists only in the mind of Al Gore and a few crackpot greens.
Well, as we all know, a report issued by the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Paris on February 2 put the issue to bed once and for all. Yes, there is significant climate change; yes, it is man made; and yes, our existence is threatened because of it. Although long term detractors-like our old friend ExxonMobil-immediately begin looking for ways to smear and discredit the report's findings, the damage to their cause was done. Almost overnight it became fashionable to be a global warming hawk. Everyone from the psycho Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on International Policy have weighed in on what they think needs to be done to stem the (literally) rising tide.
Now, all this would be interesting if not exactly blogworthy due to the fact that all this information can easily be found at the click if a mouse-there is really no new information contained here. But the rather drawn out point of this blog is not how horrible the right is on matters of not only our national security but our national survival-we knew that-but the occasional look we get into their maggot-ridden souls when, in a moment of defeat and weakness, they lay before us raw and exposed.
So global warming becomes just a pawn for us to peer into their wretched, greed-driven empty suits. There is no way out now: global warming is a fully documented international calamity, and to deny it is to risk losing any and all credibility. So in between the old spin (it doesn't exist) and the new spin (as yet undetermined) Jonah Goldberg-the pariah of the National Review who thinks Iraq would be better off it were ruled by a protege of Augusto Pinochet-gives us a rare, unvarnished look at what was really driving those fervent denials about the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.
It's not about "junk science." It's not about needing more study to make informed decisions.
It's about the money, as he admits in an article posted on the ninth of this month. "In the history of trade-offs" crows Goldberg, "never has there been a better one than trading a tiny amount of global warming for a massive amount of global prosperity."
I have to hand it to Jonah. The audacity it took to print a piece like this, on the heels of a death blow to the right wing spin machine, is really remarkable. I'm not sure, if he were given a second chance, that he would choose his words in quite the same manner. What this article essentially did, in one unguarded, frustrated moment, was prove all we know of the right wing mentality to be true-about everything, not just global warming.
It's not about humanity's survival. It's not about taking care of our elderly and our poor. It's not about preserving our way of life from threats of all comers.
It's about the money...and how best to keep it concentrated in the hands of a very few, which, in turn, concentrates the power. Clearly, Mr. Goldberg and his cronies feel that limiting greenhouse gas emissions does not work towards advancing that goal.
Yes, we knew that. But it was nice to hear them admit it.

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