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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

He's Good Enough, He's Smart Enough....

Bad news for talk show fans but good news for progressives in Minnesota. Al Franken today made formal what everyone had been suspecting for some time-that he is planning to make a run for the US Senate seat formerly occupied by progessive icon Paul Wellstone, and currently held by conservative-come-lately Norm Coleman.

Franken, a Harvard graduate and formerly the liberal host of "The Al Franken Show" on the progressive radio network Air America, cited his belief in a strong central government's power to make lives better for the people it serves as the motivating factor behind his decision to run.

"That's what progressives like me believe the government is there provide security for middle-class families like the one I grew up in, and opportunity for working poor families like the one [my wife] grew up in."

Norm Coleman fell into the seat when Wellstone conveniently died in a plane crash prior to the 2002 election. As a Republican in a blue state, Coleman is considered vulnerable, and a cynical Minnesotan might view his dramatic break with the president over the troop surge in Iraq as perhaps just a bit contrived, considering that Coleman has been one of the Senate's primary White House suck ups of recent years-he seems to have a particular fondness for the intestinal tract of Karl Rove. Still, the numbers indicate he won't necessarily be easy to unseat-in January, Coleman's approval rating among his constituents in Minnesota was 55% with 35% in disapproval.

It should be here noted that my sister Lori (see photo above, painting her toes) a former resident of the city of St. Paul, begins to wretch whenever she hears the name Norm Coleman.

Good luck, Al! I don't live in Minnesota and thus do not have the power to cast a vote for you, but just know I would if I could. And thanks for tapping Thom Hartmann to replace you (as if anyone ever could)!

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